Future Plans

Our future plans and activities include provision of free cost services, our focus will be to outreach leprosy affected and needy people.

  • To organize free eye checkup and free cataract operation camps in leprosy colonies: Our focus will be to organize free eye checkup camps in the leprosy colonies to cater our services to people suffering from eye problems.
  • To start mother and child health care clinics. :Being a mother and at the same time leprosy affected is gruesome. A mother can reach to a government hospital but often get ignored due to the disease. Our aim is to have a female Doctor for at least 2-3 hours on weekly basis at the centre to provide medical services in these neglected communities.
  • To start bandaging units in different leprosy dwellings in Delhi/NCR: The worst fact in a life of leprosy is that they suffer from ulcers which do not recover quickly. Most of the time they have to bear it until their death. The priority for them is to refresh their bandages on daily basis otherwise these ulcers can turn worse or even into gangrene resulting in amputating their arms and legs. So for controlling their wounds regular bandaging is must for them.
  • To start health (Skin) check up program in the leprosy communities: We wish to have skin check up program once in a year in these leprosy colonies to identify people with skin problems and also to save children from this Hansen disease by early detection of leprosy symptoms. This may result in eradication of leprosy disease.
  • To start primary education centers for needy children :As less attention being paid towards formal schooling by the parents they are often dropped out. So to regularize their interest and provide them basic foundation we need to start primary education centers and tuition centers.
  • To start vocation training centers cum skill development centers for the youths residing in leprosy colonies.: Skill development for a youth is necessary in this modern era as it is said that when a person attains some skills he is considered to be a successful person along with his regular education.
  • To provide training and higher education facilities to the poor children.: We do understand that if a child is from a leprosy background and he/she is eager to learn and grow the biggest hurdle in their life is economic backwardness. They do not have enough money to enroll themselves for any quality skill program or professional training. Our society will help these youths to find and achieve better training and skills to become successful in their lives.
  • To train and create opportunities of income for women: A woman is in the centre of a family. She plans and implements the whole process of a household but if she is economically backward it is hard for her to run the household activities. Our society is planning to provide micro finance facility to these women especially in the rural areas to start their own ironing stall, pan shop, tea stall, vegetable shop, fruit shop, juice shop etc like small businesses to develop them economically.
  • Provide legal advocacy at the centers for women.: At least once in a month legal advocacy and awareness services will be provided to the leprosy dwellers and needy so that they can fight for their rights.
  • To work towards development of the disabled.: Disabled in the rural areas are always left behind with the opportunities. They are helpless as they have to travel long miles for seeking government facilities. We have decided to help them in all possible ways in short period of time.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops to sensitize public on gender issues.: Girls are often ignored and neglected even in this kind of society but we still hope that through awareness, workshops and seminars on gender issues we can make people understand how important are girls for a society, family and even for making a balance in normal society. Her existence is very important for the survival of the humanity.

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