SCAWIN is registered under the societies registration Act of 1860.
It is a Not for Profit society and eligible for tax relief under Section 80G of Income Tax Act


SCAWIN is registered under the societies registration Act of 1860. This is a Not for Profit society. It was started in 2007. Since then may activities have been organized for the welfare of leprosy affected people and their children. It is founded by few graduates from a mission school and they all have one thing in common was that their parents suffered from leprosy disease. They form a group and decided to work for the development of Women and Children focusing to empower Women and Children residing in leprosy communities and from Leprosy affected families because they are usually left behind with the opportunities of developments in their lives. They live life of isolation and deserves to be treated gently.

Our Mission

Our Mission emphasis towards empowering Women and Children especially from the leprosy affected families and communities. Thus making them physically, socially, economically and educationally empowered.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower needy Women and Children especially from leprosy affected families and communities enabling them to connect and join the mainstream society with dignity and pride.


We reach out to the different leprosy colonies in Delhi and NCR, talk to the patients about their survival and the problems they face in their day to day life. We cannot fully satisfy them with their needs but somehow we can share their problems. As it is mentioned above that the focus will be laid down to empower Women and Children residing in the leprosy affected communities as they live isolated and neglected from a normal human society. Though leprosy is considered to be a non communicable disease but still there is disbelief that if somebody comes into contact with a leprosy affected person they may get infected with this disease. They are compelled to live a life of isolation and negligence. We try to sort out their problems with the participation of local people and by liaisoning with the government and corporate.


Every human wants to live a life with dignity and pride. But a life of a leprosy patient is far beyond this. As he/she has to face stigma in a society. They are isolated from the mainstream society. They merely have source of income and struggle to make arrangements for their daily food. The head of the family has to make great efforts to arrange things of daily needs as they are compelled to work as a beggar because of the deformality of their hands and feet. They have to earn money for their children’s education, clothes, medicine, paying electricity bills, eatables etc. Thus a life of a leprosy patient is full of struggles.

He wakes up early in the morning and starts his day by sitting beside a temple, on the side of the road or can be seen on the traffics signals. He is not entitled to do laborious work as ulcers can occur on their feet and palms.

These ulcers turn into wound slowly and it becomes hard for them to recover from such wounds. As due to leprosy their skin turns senseless this means that if they are cooking food the warm water or oil if accidently spill on their skin it turns into an ulcer. This makes life more miserable for them.

Children of the leprosy patients hardly receive quality education because of the conditions of their parents. They are often neglected in schools, and sometimes they are forced to drop out from the schools. Few make it to graduation level. But again it is hard to build their career as they do not have enough money for enrolling themselves for training/professional course. This leads them to become a burden on their parents who are already helpless.

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Office and communication address:
SCAWIN, 408 A, Ground floor
New Delhi, Pin-110095
Phone: 9650895089, 9211283880

Registration no-S-60160/07,
12A no- DIT(E)12A/2007-08/S-5577/1237
80 G no- DIT(E)2010-2011/S-5577/2574

Name Designation Qualification Mobile
Shahzad Masih President MSW (Master in Social Work) 9211283880
Sanjay Kumar Secretary Graduate 9999908053