SCAWIN is registered under the societies registration Act of 1860.
It is a Not for Profit society and eligible for tax relief under Section 80G of Income Tax Act

SCAWIN - Society for Children and Women in Need

Everyone is equal by Geof Ravasio

‘a sentence which he usually uttered after shaking hands with a leprosy patient or a disabled. He was Mr. Geof Ravasio a kind hearted gentlemen from France the founder of SCAWIN. He used to visit India as a tourist and was deeply moved by the condition of leprosy affected people. He used to visit and serve leprosy affected communities in Delhi and NCR.

He hugged them and listened to their heart touching stories of survival. How a leprosy patient is driven off and even forced to leave their native places by their relatives and villagers after hearing about this disease. He thought of being a part of their pain and sufferings by establishing a society which will cater its services for these leprosy affected and disabled people and their children. He dreamt of creating equal opportunities for the leprosy patients. He died on 14.01.2015 leaving behind his thoughts and mission which are carried forward by few like minded graduates from a mission school having one thing in common that their parents suffered from leprosy disease.

Mr. Geof Ravasio
(Founder of SCAWIN)


SCAWIN undertakes health education as a means of raising health awareness among children, women and the community. This is done primarily through the help of volunteers and health workers in the project areas. Various aspects of health like nutrition, cleanliness, common diseases, preventive health care, immunization etc are discussed in detail during the health awareness programs.


Making education a reality for every child is not an easy task. Holistic change in the lives of children is only possible when we tackle the root cause that continues to keep our children illiterate and vulnerable. The major activity driven by Scawin indulges in non-formal education, admission drive and advocacy. Education is one of the best means of intervention in helping the community and children to develop themselves and to be groomed into good citizens.


SCAWIN often organizes mother and child care camps where expectant mothers and lactating mothers receive due advice and suggestions on medicines and nourishments they should take. They are also made aware of the preventive measures against some common illnesses that affect the mother and child. Other services like Mental Health Camps, DOTS Centre, etc are still continued as a part of our intervention.

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12A no- DIT(E)12A/2007-08/S-5577/1237
80 G no- DIT(E)2010-2011/S-5577/2574

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